Use of this site requires consent for the storage and processing of personal data.

Privacy Policy

The services provided by this website are designed to be compliant with current United Kingdom data protection legislation. The information collected and retained is used solely for the purpose of providing event entry services to orienteering clubs who are subject to the same legislation and each have their own documented privacy policy.

Your entry and contact information are passed to the event team in the organising club. The event team may share a subset of that information with third parties who are providing event related services such as course timing and results processing. Basic information about your participation such as name, age class, course and course time may appear in results published on the club website and on the national governing body (British Orienteering) website.

The website uses secure communications at all times and your browser will allow you to inspect the SSL certificate. Third party analysis and user tracking tools are not used. The web server does record network access information such as IP address and browser version but this information is only accessed if there is a security or browser compatability issue.

Entry data is held securely with supplementary levels of protection applied to sensitive data fields. Within 180 days following an event, the data for that event is transferred to an encrypted archive which is only accessed in exceptional circumstances such as to resolve issues arising from an event insurance claim. The entry system is hosted on a server located in a secure datacentre operated by Krystal Hosting. Card payments are processed by Squareup Europe Ltd.

The Start Kite is a service designed and operated by Andrew Ridgway, an IT professional and orienteer. Andrew can be contacted using the website contact form. The address for written correspondence is Highcroft, High Street, East Markham, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG22 0RE.

Cookie Policy

During the entry process contact and competitor information is stored by the browser as session data (commonly referred to as "cookies" or "site data"). This data is deleted when the entry is completed, cancelled or when you close the browser window.

Information retained between browser sessions is limited to your consent to these policies and contact details if you have selected the option to store them for future event entries.

The card payment service provided by Squareup Europe Ltd creates cookies that exist only for the duration of the payment processing.

Third party cookies such as those used by analysis or advertising services are not used.